Learning Dispositions

At Coorara our learning dispositions are resilience, curiousity, creativity, open mindedness and communication. Developing strong dispositions gives our students a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

  • kookaburra


    We are creative. We think outside the box, we use our imagination.



    We are curious. We have a sense of wonder, we experiment, we problem solve and we inquire.

  • magpie


    We are resilient. We take risks, are courageous, we make mistakes, we manage distractions. We use self-talk “I can do this”.


    Open Minded

    We are open minded. We give new things a go, we value difference, we think about multiple possibilities, we seek other points of view, we reflect and we learn.

  • rainbow lokikeet


    We are communicators. We question, listen, observe and reflect. We express our ideas confidently using a variety of modes. We work collaboratively with others in a team.